Host the Delegation from the Harbin Academy of Social Sciences

We received the delegation from the Harbin Academy of Social Sciences during their one-week long research trip in the United States. Their research focus on collecting evidence of the notorious Unit 731 bacteriological warfare in the Second Sino-Japanese War. After visiting the National Archive of the United States, the Library Congress, they reported their finding, upon invitation of former board member Yue-Him Tam and the USCPFA-MN, at Macalester College, St. Paul, MN. Representatives include Mr. Yang Yanjun, Deputy Curator, Museum of War Crime Evidence by Unit 731 Research, China; and Mr. Li Wei, the Director of the Harbin Academy of Social Sciences, researcher Dr. Han Huiguang, and translator Ms. Liu Rujia. Mr. Yang Yanjun gave a lecture titled the Historical Events and the Contemporary Era: Human Experimentation and Bacteriological Warfare Atrocities by Japanese Army Unit 731. After their stop at Minnesota, they were headed to the Hoover Institute, Standford University.

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