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St. Paul-Changsha Committee Welcomes You

I am very pleased to be the new Chair of the St. Paul-Changsha Sister-city Committee (as of 6/2015).  This sister-city relationship was established in 1988 and is a treasured relationship.  I have traveled to Changsha in the past and have plans to travel there again in 2015.  I am also the Founding Director of the Minnesota China Friendship Garden Society and together with USCPFA-MN, we are working on building a St. Paul-Changsha China Garden in Phalen Park.  Watch for developments.  Please consider joining USCPFA-MN’s St. Paul-Changsha sister-city Committee. Contact us if you have any questions about our group or suggestions for upcoming events.

The idea for a sister-city relationship began in 1985 and has an interesting history that has led to the St. Paul-Changsha China Friendship Garden planned for Phalen Regional Park.  READ IT HERE.

Linda Mealey-Lohmann (苗丽莲), Changsha Committee Chair



A Selection of Our Past Events (slide show)

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Changsha Master Artist Lei Yixin (slide show)


Origin of Sister City Relationship

The sister-city relationship between St. Paul and Changsha, Hunan, was initiated by the Midwest China Center (later known as the Midwest Asia Center) in 1985.  In 1986, St. Paul hosted a delegation from Changsha, which included Changsha Mayor Wang Keying, to discuss a possible sister-city relationship.  This led to an exchange of mayoral visits over the next few years.  In 1988, a delegation from St. Paul, which included then-Mayor George Latimer and Midwest China Center board member Weiming Lu, travel to Changsha to set up the sister-city relationship and sign the sister-city agreement.  Changsha then sent its first official delegation to St. Paul in December 1990, led by Yang Hong, Chairman of the Changsha Municipal Standing Committee of the N.P.C. and included Song Jing Quan, Xiao Chang Xi, Luo Te, and Peng Dong Gang.  The delegation met with St. Paul Mayor Jim Scheibel. USCPFA-MN hosted a farewell banquet for this first official sister-city delegation from Changsha. [Many USCPFA-MN board members were part of the Midwest Asia Center (formerly Midwest China Center), including Barbara Harrison, Margaret Wong, and Ken Puffer.]  In the early 1990s, after the Midwest Asia Center folded, USCPFA-MN became the anchoring organization for the St. Paul-Changsha sister-city relationship.

Historical Photos of Changsha Relationship (slide show)


Sights of Changsha (slide show)

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Information about Changsha

Map of Hunan Province (including City of Changsha)

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